We are the leading Philippine company who advocates against CARDIO VASCULAR DISEASES or otherwise known as CVD such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Aneurysm, Strokes, Angina, Atherosclerosis and Ischaemic Heart Disease by means of educating and informing the latest and updated medical discoveries which pertains to said CARDIO VASCULAR DISEASES in humans of which 13.2 Million are dying every year worldwide.


Educate people in the right way to do business, making them high-caliber entrepreneurs, treating them as partners, providing them better opportunities and a fair, equitable marketing plan. Provide them with a wider variety of high-quality products at more affordable prices. Serve as an instrument of making every member of the family happy. Enable them to keep saying "The PRICE is right!"


"He who humbles himself will be exulted."

It feels great to be praised, exulted, and respected by many. But these can happen only if we always give priority to good service for all, like providing high-quality and wider variety of products, big earnings but a fair, equitable means of sharing; fast but cheerful service, quality training for the upliftment of members and continuing programs that will bring happiness to many. With this noble purpose, members will increase, and they will love the company so that they themselves will elevate PRICE to Number One in the whole world.


Jonathan Mac Yat Chairman
Jose Caesar Saquido Jr. VP - Marketing
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